Thursday, August 25, 2011

Focus on the Good

Raise Your Vibration

There are many ways to raise your vibration including thinking positive and uplifting thoughts.

Everything in the universe is made of energy. What differentiates one form of energy from another is the speed at which it vibrates. For example, light vibrates at a very high frequency, and something like a rock vibrates at a lower frequency but a frequency nonetheless. Human beings also vibrate at different frequencies. Our thoughts and feelings can determine the frequency at which we vibrate, and our vibration goes out into the world and attracts to us energy moving at a similar frequency. This is one of the ways that we create our own reality, which is why we can cause a positive shift in our lives by raising our vibration.

We all know someone we think of as vibrant. Vibrant literally means “vibrating very rapidly.” The people who strike us as vibrant are vibrating at a high frequency, and they can inspire us as we work to raise our vibration. On the other hand, we all know people that are very negative or cynical. These people are vibrating at a lower frequency. They can also be an inspiration because they can show us where we don’t want to be vibrating and why. To discover where you are in terms of vibrancy, consider where you fall on a scale between the most pessimistic person you know and the most vibrant. This is not in order to pass judgment, but rather it is important to know where you are as you begin working to raise your frequency so that you can notice and appreciate your progress.

There are many ways to raise your vibration, from working with affirmations to visualizing enlightened entities during meditation. One of the most practical ways to raise your vibration is to consciously choose where you focus your attention. To understand how powerful this is, take five minutes to describe something you love unreservedly—a person, a movie, an experience. When your five minutes are up, you will noticeably feel more positive and even lighter. If you want to keep raising your vibration, you might want to commit to spending five minutes every day focusing on the good in your life. As you do this, you will train yourself to be more awake and alive. Over time, you will experience a permanent shift in your vibrancy.

From Daily OM

Monday, August 8, 2011

The Tao of Travel

‘A good traveler has no fixed plans, and is not intent on arriving.’ ~Laozi
Post written by Leo Babauta.
I’m not the world’s most seasoned traveler, but I have made a number of trips lately and have learned a few things that work well.
This year I’ve traveled to Guam for a month, to Portland, New York City, Las Vegas, London, Paris, Southern California. They’ve all been beautiful trips, and I’ve never taken more than a small backpack.
Travel lightly, with no set agenda, and you’ll have an amazing, stress-free trip.
Traveling doesn’t have to be stressful. It can be simple, if you keep it so.


  1. Pack little. I take a small backpack, and don’t pack it too heavy either. I’ve found through experience that I just need a pair of jeans, 2-3 T-shirts, 2-3 quick-dry boxer briefs, 2-3 pairs of quick-dry socks, maybe a light sweater. I wash things in the shower if they get dirty and hang them to dry overnight. I bring my laptop so I can work for 30-45 minutes every morning. A paperback novel, maybe a small notebook. Minimal toiletries: deodorant, toothbrush, razor, Dr. Brommer’s liquid soap, dental floss. I never wait to check my back or get the bag after the flight, and I can pack in 5 minutes.
  2. Have no agenda. I often ask for recommendations from locals, and get a list of incredible things. I’ll also put everything on a Google Map, so I can see where everything is. Then I toss all that out and let the day lead me where it will. Having no set agenda means you aren’t pressured to get anything done each day, which means you can enjoy yourself fully.
  3. Walk a lot. The best way to explore any place is to walk. Walk all over, with no set directions. Get lost.
  4. Eat lightly. Eat anything you want, but don’t eat a lot. I like to mix fruits and veggies in with the heavier stuff, so I don’t feel so heavy.
  5. Find space to relax. Most people try to do too much, and rush around all day. Stroll casually, find good coffee shops or tea shops to relax in, or a good sidewalk cafe with good wine. Find parks and enjoy them. If it rains, walk in the rain. Read a lot.
  6. Be present. Don’t be on your smartphone or laptop all the time. Don’t always think about what you’ll be doing later, or work stuff. Be fully present, and you’ll have a great time.
  7. Smile at people. Talk to the locals. Ask for recommendations. Find out about their lives.

A Few More

  • Do bodyweight exercises. I do a mix of pushups, squats, lunges, burpees in my hotel room or apartment.
  • Don’t just stay for a day or two. If you really want to see a city, stay for a week or more. I could have gone to Europe and hit up 10 cities in three weeks, but instead I split that time among just two cities (London & Paris) and really saw those cities.
  • Get a short-term apartment if you can. If you can stay for a week, get an apartment if you can afford it. It’s cheaper than a hotel and much more comfortable.
  • Read a good novel.
  • Bring a metal water bottle. I learned this from my friend Scott: pack an empty water bottle, so you can get through TSA security checkpoints, and then fill up the bottle at the airport water fountain after the checkpoint. I carry the water bottle around everywhere I go so I’m never thirsty.
  • Keep a journal. Don’t stress over the journal. It doesn’t have to be daily. Just write out your thoughts, impressions when you have some spare time.
  • Travel locally. For years I never traveled, to save costs. I was content where I was, and that’s still true. Be a tourist in your hometown — see the sights, walk the area, explore and try to find new things you’ve never seen before. You don’t need to spend a lot to travel locally.
‘One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.’ ~Henry Miller

Give the best of you everywhere you go

The fastest way to receive is to give, because giving starts the reciprocal action of receiving. We all receive according to how much we give. Give the best of you everywhere you go. Give a smile. Give thanks. Give kindness. Give love.

Your giving should be a giving without expectation of return - a giving for the sheer joy of it.

May the joy be with you,

Rhonda Byrne

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The magic of your subconscious mind

"There is a gold mine within you from which you can extract everything you need to live life gloriously, joyously, and abundantly.”

- Joseph Murphy

After 30 + years of knowing that thoughts become things, I feel as if I’ve just picked up a HUGE piece of the How-To-Get-What-You-Want puzzle.  I now realize that harnessing the extraordinary power of the subconscious mind is a significant part of deliberate creation.

Your subconscious mind is the gold mine referred to in the Joseph Murphy quote above.  And what a gold mine it is!  Your subconscious mind is directly linked to the quantum field of infinite possibilities.  It’s one with infinite intelligence and boundless wisdom.  It’s where intuition comes from.  It’s where inspiration for scientific discoveries, great inventions, artistic masterpieces, and music that moves your soul comes from.  This is the field of pure potential whereeverything is possible and YOU get to choose

If you think of the conscious brain as the captain of the ship, then the subconscious brain would be the entire ship’s crew.   Dreams, goals, plans and desires are hatched in the conscious part of the brain, but it’s the subconscious part of the brain that executes these plans.  Your subconscious mind works non-stop according to the programs it has been given.

With three simple steps, you can this very day begin reprogramming your subconscious mind so that it works to bring you what you DO WANT rather than what you DON’T WANT: 

(1) Meditate.  Meditation raises your vibration, releases resistance and trains your brain to focus.  It enables you to tap into the quantum soup of infinite consciousness.  Simply get still, quiet the wheels of your mind, and enter into a sleepy, drowsy state.  In this relaxed, receptive state, you’re ready to plant the seed of your desire in the fertile ground of your subconscious mind.

(2) Visualize.  When you visualize and imagine the fulfillment of your desire, you create a neural network within your brain that corresponds to your desire.  Visualize the experience you desire with great clarity and emotion, making the images vivid and real.

(3) Affirm.  The best affirmations are bold, clear, positive, and stated in the present tense.  As with visualization, when you repeat affirmations of your desires as if you’re living them now, you establish new neural pathways in your subconscious brain.  Continue to affirm your desires and feel the reality of living your dreams, completely disregarding any evidence to the contrary.  
“The great secret possessed by the great men of all ages was
their ability to contact and release the powers of their
subconscious mind.  You can do the same.”

- Joseph Murphy  
As you meditate, visualize and affirm, you systematically impress your desires onto the power center of your subconscious mind as a new set of instructions and the infinite power of the quantum field sets about to bring your vision into physical reality.

As you harness the Magic of Your Subconscious Mind, you’ll be able to access the gold mine within you and extract an abundance of love, joy, freedom, empowerment, and prosperity – anything and everything your heart desires.

Law of Attraction Coach KateKate Corbin