Thursday, March 19, 2015

Message from Archangel Michael

..."The more you balance, harmonize and strengthen your chakra system, the more Divine Light you can absorb.

* before you accept anything as your truth, you must discern: what value is there in this information? does it ring true with my inner guidance?

* there are many paths that lead to the same destination, back into the realms of light from whence you came.

* do not judge those concepts that do not resonate as your truth. choose the path that is right for you and allow others to do the same.

* remember, however, there is one immutable truth that your philosophy of life must include, and that is the commandment: ‘you will do harm to no one, including yourself.’

* always strive to maintain balance in all things

* if you are not disciplined and in control of your life, your life will control you

* life should be a challenge, always unfolding as you seek to improve self

* become a problem solver by facing your challenges directly

* develop a win-win philosophy, instead of the winner - loser concept of the third-dimensional reality.

...Remember, beloveds, as has been stated many times before, it is not power that corrupts but the misuse of power. Acquiring power and wealth tests your inner strength and your spiritual maturity. It magnifies the positive or negative qualities that you already have.

If you are functioning from greed, selfishness and an "I, ME, MY" point of view, it will reveal and expand those traits.

If you are spiritually centered in a "WE, OUR, UNITY" state of Being, your virtues and positive attributes will be magnified and expanded.

The wise ones do not struggle or focus on money alone; neither do they see poverty as a virtue. They begin by turning inward and focusing on magnifying their inner resources, gaining wisdom so they can be good stewards of universal abundance of all kinds. You are of no value to yourself and you cannot truly be empowered and of service to others if you are functioning from a poverty consciousness. You must be an example for those around you as you learn to live and express your own revealed truths."