Monday, October 26, 2009

13 Things You Can Do Right Now To Get What You Want

1) Want. You must want what you want more than not wanting what you don't want. Give yourself permission to want and desire. Let yourself HAVE what you want and desire.

2) Decide. If you don't decide, nothing else can happen. You must feel the resolve of your decision 100%.

3) See. Use your imagination to see your vision. What is happening? Who is there? What is going on? Play the scenario's in your head.

4) Feel. Harness this most missed step in manifesting. Let the feelings of what you want and desire surface. Feel them now. (This is one of the focus's of the *Feeling Good* Immersion Experience)

5) Think. Your thoughts create vibrations that the Universe matches, which creates what you know as your reality. Make sure you are consciously choosing thought that align you with what you want and desire.

6) Clear. Limited thoughts, mistaken beliefs, old baggage...must be cleared!

7) Act. Take action. But don't just move. Take inspired, clear action that you know is part of the momentum of your creation.

8) Know. Feel confident and convicted. Be certain that what you want and desire will be yours.

9) Trust. Infuse your consciousness and being with trust. Do you trust life? Do you trust yourself? Find a way to elevate your trust to a higher plane.

10) Allow. Learn how to open, receive and allow. Get out of the way.

11) Connect. Connect with whatever you know as a higher power, source or purpose. When you align with the greater rhythm of life, you are letting Universal laws work WITH you.

12) Raise. Engage in activity that raises your vibrations. High vibrations are a must for being a magnet for what you want and desire.

13) Thank. Give thanks! Gratitude is one of the most potent tools for using the Law of Attraction on purpose. Give thanks for what is. Feel gratitude for what will be.


In joy, prosperity and gratitude,

Kendra :)

Kendra E Thornbury, MA
Lessons in Law of Attraction


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