Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Beauty of Imperfection

Planet Earth is a place of learning and karma balancing.

While polarity can now be balanced out through ascension, humanity is a long way from 'perfection'. We, and all the other nature kingdoms, and the Earth herself have been traumatised, scarred and shattered for a long time and we are all in need of healing.

Healing, like all spiritual growth, begins within. It starts by looking within and taking charge and responsibility for your own life and happiness, without expecting something outside of yourself to do it for you. You are who you are... and who you are today is your starting point - with all your perceived flaws and imperfections.

Perfection is in the eye of the beholder. What is perfect to one person may be flawed to another. But who says perfect is 'right' and imperfect is 'wrong' anyway? Things just 'are' - and you can find help and lessons all around you. Look at the nature kingdoms for example. Clover has three leaves. Occasionally a mutant comes along with four leaves. Is this imperfect?

Remember, imperfect flowers make great potpurri, and good-hearted people come in all shapes, colours and socio-economic backgrounds. What information, healing or love could you be missing out on if judgements are made on fantasy criteria instead of looking within, and following your heart and higher self in your life choices?