Saturday, February 26, 2011

Simple relationship lessons from the humble goose

Next time you see a flock of Geese in the ski, just stop and marvel at the way they fly in a “V” formation.

As so often, nature offers us a key lesson in teamwork, sacrifice and community spirit.

Scientists have studied flying birds at length and have made some significant findings:-

1. By flapping its wings, each birds creates as uplift in the atmosphere for the bird immediately behind. Flying in a “V” formation allows the whole flock to fly around 71% further than if each bird was to fly on its own.

2. If a bird ever falls out of the formation, it would suddenly need to exert that much more force and realises the futility of going it alone

3. The birds taking it in turn to be at the front of the “V”. As it tires, another one takes over and the leading bird goes to the back of the flock.

4. If a goose gets sick or is wounded and has to fall out of formation, two other geese fall out with that goose and follow it down to lend help and protection. They will then stay with their buddy until he is able to fly again or dies. Only then do they launch out once again on their own, eventually rejoining the original group.

What can we humans learn about relationships from the humble geese?

Here are the lessons we can apply from today in our own lives:-

1. Have a common goal and focus

By working together as a community, you can get to where you want to faster and more efficiently.

You will be refreshed and ready to enjoy the fruits of your labour by working together.

2. Focus on one purpose

Make sure that you stick together with those people who are heading in the same direction as you.

There is strength in unity and having a common purpose.

3. Give and take

You will always get much more back by giving to others. So be open to offer others your help, and also be willing to receive help.

4. Pull your weight

Do you noble best for your crowd. So pull all your weight and take it in turns to take on demanding jobs.

Remember that you are all interdependent on each other. And you are all one.

5. Encourage others

Positively encourage the people at the front to keep going and support them with their and your joint mission.

Look for opportunities to help and support those weaker and less able than you.

6. Stick together no matter what

You must stand by each other during the good times and the challenging times.

Remember the greater good.

There you are – six some simple relationship lessons from the humble goose.