Friday, April 15, 2011

3 tips to remember when everything goes wrong

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Editor’s note: this is a contribution by Cat Li Stevenson
“To a mind that is still, the whole universe surrenders.” ~Chuang-Tzu
The beauty of life is that we constantly have the opportunity to change it.
We always have the power to recreate it. We can change our thoughts, remember how to live instead of planning each moment, forgive the past, be present for the now, slow down the speed, and push the reset button on a day that has escaped us.

Here are the 3 tips to remember when everything goes wrong:


We are each so powerful in our ability to completely change how we feel this very moment.
We can escape the pursuits of tomorrow, the clinging of negative thoughts, the spiraling of worry that creates fear. We can escape negativity and embarrassment and get out of a funk when we give ourselves the choice to do so.
What resets do you have? Perhaps a long walk outside? Or a yoga class to help you center? Or a phone call to a friend for encouragement? Or a visit to your favorite blog? Or a quote that puts things back in perspective?  Or a picture that reminds you of all the abundance you have?
Can you remind yourself to use these resets when experiencing moments of spiraling?
Our fearful thoughts can take an event that seemed bad and draw it out way longer than necessary. It’s amazing how this type of thinking can actually create more events that seem bad.
It is natural and common for our thoughts to wander from one instance to the next. Our thoughts can either carry us to a place of hope, motivation, and excitement—or to a place of frustration, worry, and resentment.
We have the ability to choose to drop those thoughts that don’t serve us. We can liberate ourselves from fear by choosing to let go of stories about what happened in the past.
Next time your fear-based thoughts take over, ask yourself, “Which thoughts are interrupting the flow of my day?” Then drop it like it’s hot.
No matter what changes in our external setting, the gift we have inside is always unwavering.
When circumstances in our day seem to become scattered and our day has completely escaped us, perhaps it has. But that’s just what’s going on outside us.
We can center by bringing ourselves back to this very moment with our breath. Take a moment to just be here, to connect with the now.
Breathe out all of the imperfections of today and breathe in the ability to find clarity in resetting.
Use the breath as a reminder to revel in this moment. At any time, we can choose to make adjustments, adapt, and reset.  We always have the ability to choose to be at ease.
Next time you have one of those days when everything seems to wrong, remember: Reset. Drop. And breathe.

Cat Li Stevenson is an idealist who savors each day as a gift, and, intrigued by the simple brilliance of life, discovers inspiration in all dynamics of her day. Add Cat as a friend on Facebook,follow her at @Cat_Stevenson, or visit