Saturday, May 14, 2011

Hinduism about Karma

"The process in how we develop Karma is very important because through each Karmic experience we go through a re-birth process to learn or experience something to become more spiritual and practice humility. Humility is an action and tendency, therefore anything good or bad that we do there is a result is graduated into more bad or good. Through this graduation it reaches our soul and our physical body. For example we may become very ill not necessarily because we are bad people or did bad things it just means what ever that you are doing no longer benefits you and since you are not able to learn through your action the result is that it manifest it self into our physical body.

In Hinduism, it is believed that we must do what ever we can not take ill actions, and reactions to eliminate or reduce bad karma so that we can encompass good karma to be fruitful in this life time so that we have fewer lessons to learn in the births to come. The sublime bliss is to release our moksha (inner soul) so that we are better people in next life time. A person who comes into this life time with released moksha can acquire a blissful moksha so that they can prosper in this life time. I am sure you have heard the saying, “why do good people die and bad people continue to live and prosper?” This is because the good has released their moksha and going to a place where they have good fortune in the next life time and there comes a time when they will not be born again until they are a perfect being without greed, attachment to materialism, and evil deeds.

Good people usually give things without asking for anything in return, good people often can be those who have the least materialistic things, good people are usually those suffer quite often and get the least. Why? Because these people have learned to detach tangible things out of their lives and bring humility into their lives. This means that body and mind will bring the ultimate life which is known in the Gita as Brahman. When a person reaches the Brahman stage they are at their last life time where life is not so bad but the lessons are difficult continuing their lives through humility and spirituality."