Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The No.1 And Only Way To Express Yourself

Written by John 

Some people are alive.
They bristle energy and enthusiasm and glow vitality and self-confidence.
Their personality is bright and spirited and you can almost feel the sheer happiness flowing through their veins and pumping out all over the place.
How do they do it?
How are they able to project such a positive persona?
How come they can express themselves so naturally and effortlessly?
One secret and one secret only!

They live from the heart.

They put their heart 100% fully into all they do from work to relationships, their community to all their interactions with others. They don’t hold back, they open up, never withholding their warm caring feelings and pure love of life and people.
They don’t want, they give.
In return they attract good will and affection in bucket loads which further feeds their appreciation of all that’s special about being alive.
It’s the way to go and to be.
I bet you know someone like that. A cheery popular relaxed soul.
Join them and come alive.
Express yourself from the heart.