Saturday, December 28, 2013

A guide to life for my kids

by Leo Babauta

These are the key life skills I'd like to teach my 6 wonderful kids (and anyone else who's interested):

  1. Flexible mind
  2. Embrace discomfort
  3. Deal with anxiety
  4. Learn self compassion
  5. Learn contentment
  6. Limit possessions
  7. Have a daily gratitude session
  8. Learn how to change/create habits
  9. Have confidence that you're awesome
  10. All you need for happiness is within you
  11. Savor life
  12. Play
  13. Meditate
  1. Eat whole foods
  2. Exercise almost daily
  3. Make your exercise social
  4. Consider a vegan diet, for reasons of compassion
  5. Limit sugar/flour
  6. Learn to cook, & cook meals at home
  7. Floss before bed
  1. Build relationships
  2. Open your heart
  3. Let love be your rule
  4. Be trustworthy
  5. Deal with anger
  6. Coping with loss
  7. Learn how to meet people
  8. Meeting new people: be curious
  9. Surround yourself with positive friends
  10. Let go of jealousy
  1. Love what you do
  2. Take pride in what you do
  3. Start your own business
  4. Limit how much you do
  5. Learn to beat procrastination
  6. Help others
  7. Become great at a skill you love
  8. Good writing is clear thinking
  9. Blog -- as a way to reflect, and share
  10. Failure is just a lesson
  1. Spend less than you earn
  2. Avoid/eliminate debt
  3. Save/invest automatically
  4. Don't put off taxes & accounting
  5. When you have kids, create a trust
  1. Be there
  2. Teach, don't control
  3. Model the behavior you want them to learn
  4. Read to them regularly
  5. Love them without qualifications, unconditionally
  6. Be patient & compassionate
  7. Consider unschooling