Today’s idea I’d like to share with you is very simple: Run your own race. Don’t compare yourself with others and don’t compete. We are all on the same beautiful journey of awakening, and what we may term a success in this earthly world here does not necessarily mean success from the perspective of the Soul.

You see, this life we are living here and now, is just one day in the life of the Soul. All growth happens in cycles. This applies both to nature but also to man. So, there are cycles, or lives, where we are more outgoing and very active and productive followed by cycles where we are more introvert, maybe just integrating all we did in our previous lives, taking things easier.

So from this earthly perspective, we may look at a super productive person who seems to move the world and think, wow, they are successful. And then we look at our own lives and it may appear eventless, and we may feel like a failure. Yet, from the Soul’s perspective it is not. Because the Soul does not just look at this one life we are living right now, it looks at the bigger picture. Yet, this bigger picture is not visible to the physical eye. It takes intuition to see the bigger picture. Did you ever wonder why some people are more extrovert while others are more introvert? The extrovert is more on an outgoing cycle whereas the introvert is currently going through a more inner-directed cycle. Both are equally important and have their purpose in the evolution of the Soul.

So, with this bigger picture in mind, don’t compare yourself with others. And don’t judge yourself or others. The person who is born with a physical or other handicaps may just be a super brave Soul who has decided to clear a lot of stuff in one lifetime. The average person may look at them and think there is something wrong with them but in truth they are attaining immense growth. Maybe your Soul purpose in this lifetime is to raise your beautiful kids. This job is equally important as running for president. One is not better than the other. Maybe in a previous incarnation it was your purpose to develop leadership skills but this time it is to develop your kids.

So what I am trying to say is that it so important that we do not color everyone with the same brush. We are all on the same journey, yes, but we have to look at this incarnation from the greater context of the Soul. Every Soul, when it takes on an incarnation, incarnates with a specific evolutionary „sub-goal“ in mind, so to speak. Maybe in one lifetime the goal is to develop leadership, whereas in the next life the goal is to develop the qualities of the heart. Who knows. Until we, as a human species, become Soul-conscious, the bigger picture and purpose of the Soul is hidden from us. We cannot access it in our brain awareness. That’s why it is so important that we make it a focus now in this lifetime to become Soul-conscious.

And so, with all that in mind: run your own race. Don’t compare yourself with others. You are on a unique journey. You are exactly where you are supposed to be. And as long as you consciously strive every day to move forward in your thinking, in your living, in your serving, in your loving, you are doing a beautiful job.