Saturday, March 20, 2010


They really are contagious.

A smile is one of the strongest, yet silent forms of communication and expression.

A smile is something priceless and means different things for everyone. The most common is the positive reactions it causes. We are beings that’s thrive in positive energy. We spark to life, our day brightens. A smile can stop tears, stop a frown, ease ones pain, shed light on sorrow, make you blush, even fill one with excitement. The things a smile can do are truly limitless. Every ones smile can cause such different positive reactions in so many different people. The simple greatness of a smile is truly remarkable. It’s true… some of the best things in life are free, yet priceless.

A smile can not only make you look more cheerful and positive. It can also make you feel better, happier, more optimistic and confident about life in general. That’s not to say that people who are smiling on the outside are never feeling down, despondent and blue on the inside. But it can help raise your spirits by a few degrees at least. If it then leads to some friendly conversation with another human being, then the personal benefits are multiplied.

A smile can be like the sun breaking through the clouds on a dismal day. It can restore a person’s faith in their own value and the bigger picture of their world. A smile can make them feel that things might even be getting better.   Enough smiles may give them the incentive to do something even more positive that could potentially improve their outlook on life considerably.

It may sometimes take some effort to overcome your own glum mood enough to lift the corners of your mouth and smile – with your heart in it. Nevertheless, it’s so true that smiling costs the giver nothing they don’t have hidden somewhere within. Once accessed it can be automatically regenerated time and again, radiating warmth throughout your own soul and flowing out in all directions to touch and warm the souls of others. It’s one of the most powerful, magical – and totally free – therapies in the world.

Everyone smiles in the same language.

So put on a happy face!

Does anyone have a story they’d like to share about a smile they once received or gave to another, let’s all try to all put a smile on each other’s faces.  I know I’d love to hear them, and share them with others.

Here is mine:

Awhile back ago I went to a seminar on Michael Bernard Beckwiths “Spiritual Liberation” alone (something which I would normally never do, going alone that is).  During the seminar we all had to do an exercise together, we all had to stand and take each other’s hand of the person to our right, over to the right of me, was a beautiful young girl, but she was born without half of her left arm, as we both looked at each other and she said to me “sorry” I couldn’t believe she had just apologized to me for not having a hand to hold.  We both laughed as I put my arm around her and we carried on together, when we both looked at each other with hesitation and discomfort I’m sure (at first), but when we both laughed and exchanged smiles, that I can truly say for myself that was one of the best smiles given and received for me, and still makes me smile to this day just thinking about it, she truly was an amazing person I met that night.