Thursday, December 30, 2010

110 Tips to Create an Amazing New Year

by Tess

“Resolutions are like teenage hearts: they get broken an awful lot.” –Mehmet Oz 
The concept that our happiness lies within is no secret. Yet as we begin the New Year we create goals that are externally focused. We promise ourselves we’ll lose weight, get out of debt, stop smoking, stop drinking or increase our income. 

Statistics say by February 90% of our resolutions will be broken. Albert Einstein said, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.” 
I encourage you to "be" different this year. 

Instead of creating resolutions, make internal changes by incorporating these wise suggestions into your life.  

1. See the good in everyone.
2. Show kindness.
3. Encourage laughter.
4. Practice tenderness.
5. Focus on the positive.
6. Reflect joy.
7. Seek help.
8. Forgive yourself.
9. Forgive everyone.
10. Learn to ask and receive.
11. Inspire others.
12. Believe good things are happening.
13. Shift your perception.
14. Praise others.
15. Surrender struggle.
16. Walk in faith.
17. Manifest courage.
18. Seek solutions.
19. See oneness.
20. Share abundantly.
21. Sit in silence.
22. Ask for guidance.
23. Be prolific.
24. Speak your truth.
25. Connect with nature.
26. Receive help.
27. Be patient.
28. Live and let live.
29. Believe the best.
30. Live without approval.
31. Uplift others.
32. Extend love.
33. Teach by example.
34. Think peacefully.
35. Become truly helpful.
36. Drop your stories.
37. Appreciate differences.
38. Show up prepared.
39. Be present.
40. Hold a vision.
41. Do your best.
42. Believe the best.
43. Walk in faith.
44. Bless others.
45. Give and receive love.
46. Know you matter.
47. Practice what you believe.
48. Choose happiness.
49. Celebrate the ordinary.
50. Welcome change, growth and healing.
51. Believe anything is possible.
52. Love everyone.
53. Connect from your heart.
54. Act intuitively.
55. Embrace each day.
56. Trust in Divine Order.
57. Calmly move through change.
58. Take 100% responsibility.
59. Surrender judgment.
60. Extend joy.
61. Give infinite thanks.
62. Reach out to others.
63. Give yourself credit.
64. Simplify your life.
65. Want what you have.
66. Search within for answers.
67. Open your mind.
68. Believe, ask, receive.
69. Choose uplifting thoughts.
70. Help others succeed.
71. Express your love often.
72. Be a beacon of light.
73. Ask for guidance.
74. Stay centered.
75. Cultivate love.
76. Trust the process.
77. Live guilt-free.
78. Positively acknowledge others.
79. Dwell in possibility.
80. Claim your abundance.
81. Give what you want to receive.
82. Accept and love yourself.
83. Develop new habits.
84. Practice non-attachment.
85. Tap into creativity.
86. Expand your consciousness.
87. Lighten up.
88. Give everyone a break.
89. Quiet your mind.
90. Live spontaneously.
91. Imagine the best outcome.
92. Be a channel for peace.
93. Follow your intuition.
94. Live effortlessly.
95. Allow rather than control.
96. Dare to risk.
97. Practice compassion.
98. Fear not.
99. Choose to heal.
100. Practice non-attachment.
101. Give others a break.
102. Step forward in faith.
103. Listen more, talk less.
104. Recognize what goes right.
105. Pray for world peace.
106. Withhold nothing.
107. Savor life.
108. Live with an unrelenting, upbeat attitude.
109. Become open to amazing people, places and things.
110. Allow the future will take care of itself. 
Relish and revel in the results.
Happy New Year,
Tess xo
What will be different for you in 2011?