Saturday, January 16, 2016

Focus on the Permanent


If we really want to grow Spiritually in life, it is crucial that we invest our energies in that which is permanent rather than that which is impermanent.

We each have a choice in our lives whether we invest our energies in our Spiritual bank account or our material bank account. One is permanent – the other is not. One we will take with us at the end of our lives – the other not.

Now, I am not saying that Earthly matters are not important for of course they are. But they are important only in the context of our Spiritual life and service work.

So it is very important to also fill our material and Earthly bank account because it is a form of mastery that we all have to attain as well as part of our integrated Spiritual growth and grounded service work, and we can’t be of any great service if all our energy has to go into our survival, however, we should never forget what really matters in life.

What really matters is the permanet. What really matters is what we can take with us at the end of our lives. And the only thing we can take with us at the end of our lives is our Spiritual growth, our enlightenment, and our self-mastery.

So be sure to not get pulled off your dharma. Do not get caught up in all the glamour, maya and illusion of this world, for these hold nothing for you but sorrow. Do not give into the temptations of the lower self for they only bind you to the wheel of rebirth.

Remain totally focused on your divine priorities and Spiritual growth. This will not only fill your Spiritual bank account but it will also give you inner peace and happiness in your daily life.

We are living in a most extraordinary period in Earth’s history. We are living in times of mass ascension. Ascension is really just another word for freedom from the wheel of rebirth. It is our evolutionary goal, as human beings, to break free from the wheel of rebirth and continue our evolution in the next higher dimension. However, in order to accomplish this we need to focus on that which is permanent and live a life here on Earth, where we are fully engaged with Earth life and dedicate our life to planetary world service, but where everything we think, say and do is in service of the permanent, in service of eternity, in service of love.

Then our life will be meaningful to ourselves and to others, it won’t be a wasted life, but it will be a beautiful life that leads to an even more beautiful life on the higher planes instead of being a ticket to reincarnation. Please think about it …