Saturday, January 16, 2016

How to Attract your Soul Mate

By Gloria Excelsias

Lots of people are looking for their Soul mate, for someone they feel connected and attracted to both on a mental, emotional, physical and also Spiritual or Soul level.

So I thought, today I share with you a few quick tips on how you can attract that special Soul into your life.

1: The first key to attract the perfect Spiritual romantic relationship is to be happy either way, with or without a mate.

The fastest way to repel a loving mate is to get attached to having one. Whatever we are attached to, we repel. So the first key is to be happy either way.

So you have to have a super strong preference to attract a perfect romantic relationship, that’s important, but if that special someone does not knock at your door tomorrow morning, you should still be happy.

If you make your own happiness dependent on someone else filling some kind of perceived lack inside of you, then you have just given your happiness out of your hands. And that will become an issue sooner or later.

If you can’t be happy with yourself alone, then you wont be happy with someone else either.

2: Now, the second key is to make a list of all the qualities you would like to see in your partner, and then getting busy developing all these qualities in yourself.

You cannot expect your partner to have qualities you don’t have yourself.

I remember when I was a teenager and listened to my friends describing Mr. Right, they always had a huge list of qualities that Mr. Right was supposed to embody. Mr Right had to look good, be athletic and well-conditioned, very loving, trustworthy, aspire a great career, and all the rest. And I remember, I would always ask them, okay, so let’s look at your list and let’s see which of the qualities you want to see in your partner you actually possess yourself. And usually, they hardly embodied anything on the list.

So if you want to attract someone into your life who is loving, God pure, right with himself or herself, who is abundant, has manifested a beautiful home and all the rest, then start working on yourself so you may become that kind of person yourself.

You won’t attract that kind of person if you are not that kind of person yourself.

3: Which brings us to key number three. Get right with yourself.

The most important relationship in your life is your relationship to yourself.

If you are right with yourself, you will be right with everyone else in the world because you won’t project your stuff onto others.

However, if you are not right with yourself, you will project your wrong relationship to yourself onto God and the world.

Why? Because you can’t exclude yourself from your own thoughts.

So if you are not right with yourself, you will end up seeing and hearing things that are not there except in your own fear-based mind.

So to get right with yourself, in essence, means to transcend your fear-based mind because once you transcend the negative ego / fear-based mind, you will remember what it means to live in love. To get right with yourself means to love yourself, to know that your worth comes from who you are – not from what you do, that you are an extension of a Divine Source and Cosmic Intelligence, that you are eternal and immortal, that all is forgiven, that your mistakes are not held against you, that this whole illusion of separation and the fear resulting from the illusion of separation is just a bad dream, and so forth. Anyway, that’s for another video.

4: Now, the fourth key to attract the perfect romantic Spiritual mate is to put all your energy and focus on Spirit and your Spiritual path.

When you are fully right with yourself and full of love and service and Spirit, then you will naturally attract someone who is also right with self and completely immersed in their Spiritual path. It could not be any other way because we attract what we send out.

And so, developing such an enlightened, loving consciousness is certainly a very promising basis for a mutually loving and lasting relationship.

Think about it. Obviously, there are many more things I could share with you, but these are just a few quick tips to help you get started.

The only thing I would like to add as I close this quick video is that as you search for, or more accuately, as you seek to attract Mr. Or Misses Perfect, remember, that no one is perfect. We are all in school here – everyone of us, without exception. We are all here to remember our divine perfection, but that is a process – and ideally we help each other though that process.

By Gloria Excelsias