Thursday, July 23, 2009

Fix What Isn’t Broken

We sometimes get to places in our lives where things are … well, they’re really good! Money is flowing. Our health is great. Our relationships are loving and nurturing. We wake up in the morning full of satisfaction and contentment.

It’s tempting in this wonderful state of fulfillment to think that we’ve “arrived.” The “there” that we were striving for and working towards has become “here.” And “here” is exactly where we want to stay. Life is great, and we want to sit back and enjoy. There’s nothing wrong with that, of course. Hopefully, we all take time out to truly enjoy and savor the life we’ve created for ourselves, every single day.

And yet, from this state of satisfaction and contentment, it’s easy to slip into unconsciousness and become complacent. It’s easy to try and hold on to the joy of life as it is right now. We forget that we are growing and evolving Beings and that life circumstances inevitably must change to accommodate our ongoing evolution.

We may not realize that in these happy times, we are in the ideal state to consciously create more of what we want - even though our life is great!

Most of us are used to creating out of pain, need or lack. In fact, without pain, need, or lack, many of us stop creating altogether. If that is the case, we inevitably finally manifest a new pain, need, or lack in our lives, because that’s the only motivation for change and evolution we respond to.

We are not used to creating out of fulfillment and satisfaction. We are used to fixing what’s broken, rather than creating something new for the sheer joy of experiencing ourselves in new ways and circumstances. And yet, creation out of love, joy and abundance is the essence of Divine Creation. After all, Source / God / the Universe doesn’t create and express itself out of pain, need, or lack!

In times of satisfaction and fulfillment, we have the unique opportunity to truly experience ourselves as Divine Creators. We can playfully, joyfully, abundantly explore our authentic self-expression by changing what’s already working for us, to improve what isn’t broken. From love and joy, we can grow and evolve into even more abundant circumstances, simply because there is no end to what’s available to us. We can go deeper and deeper into the inquiry of what truly serves us in the present moment, because we are not operating from lack or fear.

When we’ve “arrived” in a place of fulfillment and satisfaction in our lives, the journey of conscious creation isn’t over - it’s just beginning!