Thursday, December 3, 2009

6 Traits of Real Confidence

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Post by Justin Dixon Follow me on Twitter Photo Courtesy of Tiago Ribeiro

Confidence is a major key to many aspects of our lives. It can be applied to happiness in the way it frees us from many internal struggles. It can help us in our work lives.  A confident person is more likely to be hired than somebody who is not confident. It can help us in our dating lives; confidence is a very attractive feature.

And with so many great things linked to confidence its no wonder so many people try to give off the impression. There are tells though. Here’s how to tell real confidence apart from faked confidence.

Real confidence does not need the center of attention. When you really believe in yourself you know that you are relevant. You don’t need the attention of others to verify this.

Real confidence does not put others down. There is no need to make others feel inferior, nor to go out of your way to prove some sort of superiority. With nothing prove, and a positive self image, you are left with no reason to put anyone else down.

Real confidence is not fear based. Confidence is the opposite of fear. All fear boils down to us thinking that we are not enough to handle what could come next.

Real confidence lets their opponents speak. Somebody who is truly confident is not afraid of being wrong.

They know it happens, and they know that it is better that they learn. They also know that they will get their turn to speak.

Real confidence can take criticism. Again, they know that it is better to learn the truth than to continue being wrong, and if the criticism is wrong a person with real confidence can make that decision for themselves.
Real confidence always tries again. Someone who is really confident knows that things aren’t always going to work out. What someone with real confidence doesn’t do is decide that just because it doesn’t work out the first time does not make them a failure. It means just keep trying.

Now it is going to happen where you will find others faking their confidence. Do not call them out of on this. Instead I recommend Thoreau’s approach.
“If you would convince a man that he does wrong, do right. But do not care to convince him. Men will believe what they see.”
What are some other traits of real confidence you can think of? More importantly how are you going to carry yourself?