Thursday, December 3, 2009

GENEROSITY. The power of Giving

by axinia
 “Generosity is the only way you can express your love for others”
                                  Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

Are you somebody who is giving? Feeling happy to share things? Enjoying your generosity? Most of us are that type, though the mass media is trying to convince publics that the society consists of egoistical individuals.

It is amazing how persistently through the last decades we have been told all this ego-oriented nonsense. It is absurd how the modern psychology is trying to explain the motivation of generosity: one gives and gets satisfaction of being appreciated. The people who made this up must have been very greedy people themselves!  – The true Giving never seeks any appreciation. It gives, because it is its nature.
As soon as we stop seeking the ego-oriented motivation in the most beautiful handlings of our fellow men we will live better, for sure!

Lavishness versus efficiency

Let’s look at the Mother-nature: it is tremendously generous und loving to the extend of lavishness! A feast of lavish beauty can be seen every spring and summer in the gardens and meadows. Just the same is with a fish: it produces many thousands eggs and only a tiny part of them will become fish. The Cosmos itself is nothing but a huge arena of lavishness with its billiards and billiards of galaxies, stars and planets – and only the Earth is populated with living beings. Lavishness is naturally the evolutional principle.
If the nature would act according to the economic law of efficiency the whole living process could probably never take place.
But we learn efficiency at universities. We work efficiently. We study efficiently. We teach our children to behave and to think efficiently. And the nature is laughing at us and keeps giving.

Studies on generosity
While we don’t quite understand all the reasons why giving creates good health, many studies have documented generosity’s positive effects. Michigan researchers who studied 2,700 people for almost ten years found that men who regularly did volunteer work had death rates two-and-one half times lower than men who didn’t. In a separate study, volunteers who worked directly with those who benefited from their services had a greater immune system boost than those whose volunteer work was restricted to pushing papers.

Teaching as generosity

Do you like teaching? Most of people do! Somehow or rather people like to teach each other, in all possible forms: officially and spontaneously, from friend to friend, peer to peer, boss to employee, parent to child… Have you ever thought that teaching is a sign of generosity?  Sharing the knowledge or at least trying to do that for the true knowledge can only be obtained through the personal experience.

Nature of generosity

In fact, every human being has a subtle value centre on the left hand side of the abdomen responsible for generosity. If the power of generosity is awakened you can not but give – your love, care, time, attention, presents, beauty… One can stimulate this value centre by acting generously (though if this quality is not there, people almost suffer while sharing and giving, and it is a long way to learn it).
The easy and fast way is to give vibrations (using your right hand) to the left hand side of your abdomen and may be using some simple clearing techniques of Sahaja Yoga. And it works! Suddenly you do not force yourself but you become that! The generosity, in its most beautiful form starts flowing through you and you enjoy, enjoy and enjoy… 

Being generous without thinking what one can get in return. Being generous without counting the benefits. Not thinking of image, appreciation, acknowledgement. Just being generous – is it that much? By generosity we nourish our hearts – we are giving what is given to us.