Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Love Gives Us Life

by Robin

heart immortality

A couple of weeks ago Janni Lloyd wrote the following in a comment on this blog…

The more we open our hearts to each other, embrace our differences and, in so doing, love all aspects of ourself, the more aliveness our physical body has.

Thank you Janni for leaving these beautiful words! I’d like to explore this concept further, and this is how I see it…

Life is expansive

Many people say they don’t want to live forever, that at some point they may want to explore more than “this world”, or else start a new life on Earth with new adventures. They refer to dying as though it is just a matter of slipping away… no big deal.

The thing is, life is naturally expansive. The more we love, the more we live! Aging and dying don’t just happen—we kill ourselves off with all our crappy angers and resentments and guilts and fears. We shut ourselves down!

Then, because we live in a loving universe, we are given another chance at incarnation so we can learn to love and not wipe ourselves out. Chance after chance, actually, until we get it right.

The world is our mirror

How can we “get it right”? One way is to choose to see everything around us as a reflection of our inner condition… we can only be upset by the people who inhabit our world if they are showing us something about ourselves.

If we work through an issue “pushing our buttons”, we find that the love and connection that is naturally there anyway can shine through—our hearts open, and the differences between us become inconsequential. We are accepting a part of ourselves we had been denying. We feel different—we feel more… alive.

And we know deep down when we need to clear something up—I’m not suggesting we should all go and make friends with the local crooks!

Endless aliveness

If we keep opening to love, our aliveness will keep blossoming. Why should this ever end?

* * *

A note: Many loving people have died, of course. The way I reconcile this with the sentiments above is by knowing that our sub-conscious minds hold fears and negative beliefs—by definition we don’t even know what they are. By becoming more conscious we can clear these out, but not everyone has had the chance to do this.