Tuesday, September 8, 2009

More Tips for Creating an Excellent Life

Take a risk. Take a risk every day. A risk a day keeps boredom away. Taking risks keeps us fresh, young and creative. By taking risks in all areas of your life you are better able to deal with change and more able to reach your goals. Every successful endeavor involves risk – take one today.

Take creative time. In order to grow or develop your people – you need time to think. You cannot be busy working all the time and come up with creative ideas or new concepts. You need time to sit, to walk in the woods, to fish or to do something else that clears your mind. Taking time to regularly disconnect and think will bring out your creativity and give you the stamina you need to get the job done.

Have a mentor. Having a mentor, someone who’s where you would like to be next, can produce huge results in your life. A mentor can help you see your blind spots, save you from possible mistakes and be a sounding board for change. A mentor keeps you humble, on our toes and teachable. Investing the time in building mentoring relationships will pay off in many ways.

Be a mentor. It’s important to have a mentor but it’s just as important to be a mentor. Being a mentor allows you to hear your own advice, give back what you’ve been given and stay connected to where you came from. Mentoring is powerful. You will most likely learn more from this experience than your mentee do. Take a risk and get involved mentoring today – you’ll grow and in return so will others.

Take a stand. Know your values. Your values will be tested and pushed by others. Knowing what you believe and what you are willing to take a stand for helps you succeed when things come at you that are unexpected. Knowing your values also helps you create a culture that mirrors what it most important to you.

Take a vacation. You deserve a break. Schedule regular vacations and stick to them. Get out of the office, disconnect from technology and take time to breathe. You will be more effective and your potential more fully realized when you take regular vacations.

Get out of your office. Take time during the week to get out of the office. Meet a friend for lunch, attend a networking event, go for a walk – just leave. You’re not as productive when you just sit in your office or stay in your building every day. You need and deserve regular opportunities to get out and experience a change of scenery.