Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Manifest Mastermind Process

Discover The Manifest Mastermind Process Now!

Nothing is being withheld. You will now learn the complete Manifest Mastermind Process. You will know exactly what you will receive and what you can expect when you enter this process.

The Manifestation Formula Isn't Secret Anymore


There is No Secret! Your Thoughts become an Idea that if you put into Action it becomes Reality for you.

This is a complete formula that works 100%
of the time!

The Manifest Mastermind Process helps you focus your attention on manifesting your pure potentiality with accurate precision and is propelled by the collective energy of like-minded people.

Your natural tendencies, abiltities, and desires drive you to expressing your individual potentiality. This is why there are so many totally happy people in a large variety of positions in our world.

Why are there so many unhappy people in undesirable situations?

Our energy gets blocked when we become aligned with negative emotions. We often incorrectly think it is natural to be stressed, angry, depressed, or resentful.

Shattering these Limiting Beliefs releases the energy and restores the flow of unrestricted abundance. Keep reading to learn how this is possible for you...

"I Have Seen The Secret, Studied The Law of Attraction and Have Read Many of The Self-Help Books. How Is Manifest Mastermind Different From What I Have Already Learned?"

This is only the beginning. There is more to Manifesting than just the Law of Attraction. There is a more complete way...

Manifest Mastermind is a process that is founded on teaching correct principles, taking immediate focused inspired action and using the power of like minded individuals concentrated on the same areas as you. We personally have never seen anyone transform their lives simply by reading and studying without taking any action.

We have direct experience with achieving ideal circumstances financially, physically, and emotionally by focusing our attention, taking purposeful action and accelerating manifestation with the energy of like minded people.

The True Secret = Align with ALL Universal Laws

Universal Laws have always worked. They've been used for thousands of years by everyone who has ever been successful at anything during all times in human history.

When You Harmonize Your Thoughts & Feelings With Natural Laws:
  • poverty --> wealth
  • disease --> health
  • sadness --> happiness
  • frustration --> gratitude
  • bitterness --> forgiveness
  • fear --> courage
  • hate --> love
  • lack --> abundance
  • sorrow -->joy

Everything You Need is Already Within You Now! Your own inner resources are completely sufficient without any external guidance. You are however constantly being “distracted” by certain people, television programs and other messages that constantly divert your attention from your intended purpose. Remember "What you focus on expands."

Society is full of attention grabbing influences that compel you to act on thoughts that don't create what you want in life. With Manifest Mastermind you focus EXACTLY on what you want to create!

Manifest Mastermind is like a lens that focuses your energy and redirects your attention to the areas that you would like to make consistent progress in.

Magnetically Attract Your Intentions -
Creating the Experiences You Long For

When you align with Source energy you become a powerful magnet for attracting the things you desire.

When you connect with your Higher Self you can realize your infinite potential and channel unlimited inspiration into purposeful action.

By living with deliberate intent you Regain the Passion in Your Life Forever! This Allows your true purpose to manifest and allow unrestricted positive energy to flow through you with ease.

Manifesting your dreams and desires is what is important. This is all about you experiencing the life you know is your intention!

Where are You at in Your Life?

Everything you're currently experiencing is a direct result of your past thoughts and feelings. To experience profound permanent positive change, you must change your way of thinking & feeling forever.

This requires conscious and deliberate attention.

You MUST begin telling a new story about your life. This is done by mastering your inner dialogue. The outer world reflects the inner world. If you don't like the fruits, you need to look at the roots by carefully examining your thoughts, which is where everything intially starts to manifest.

How Much is Your Dream Life Worth?

If you had a clearly defined path to get everything you want in life that was guaranteed to deliver massive positive results, how much would that be worth to you? This is completely priceless to you!

Are you lacking money?

Would you like more money?

To receive more money, you need to invest your time, energy, money and resources in the right type of information and connections that will bring you more money. These resources are all available to you when you join Manifest Mastermind.

Are You Truly Committed to Success?

You can be successful and you deserve to be. All that is required is a true commitment on your part to succeed. Give yourself the tools you need to help you stay motivated and on course for what you know is not only possible, but inevitable in your life.

Think of all the things you're investing time and money in that are distracting you from your intended purpose. Chances are, you're spending more time and money on watching TV and entertainment than on growing personally to be able to afford everything you want to be in life!

Life was never meant to be a struggle!

“The Universe Wants Us to Experience Boundless Peace, Love & Joy. This is for EACH of US – Including YOU!”

Manifest Mastermind Offers You The Process For Being Your Intended Purpose, Manifesting Your Dreams and Removing Any Blockages To Achieving Those Dreams!

Mastermind =
like minded people + common purpose

You become the average of who you surround yourself with. How powerful would your life become if you were consistently engaged in Masterminding with people already amazingly successful in manifesting the SAME things you deeply desire?

Manifest Mastermind is incredibly powerful because it has already attracted the highest quality professional guides and coaches that deeply care about you and constantly intend for you to attain your dreams and desires.

Nobody is an Island. We are all connected.

The Universe is Naturally Abundant. There is plenty for everyone.

Do you believe this?

When you discover definite truth, lies lose all power over you.

By working together in a true spirit of harmony, nothing is impossible.

We are meant to harmonize with humanity. When you try to get only for yourself, you disconnect from spiritual abundance and fail to receive infinite blessings. You can reconnect right now, at this very moment and open the fabulous freeflowing floodgates of prosperity.


Unfortunately we've been pessimistically preconditioned to believe that for us to have something, someone else has to go without it. This forces us to secretly desire for other people to fail and go without.


Why wouldn't we want everyone on the entire planet to experience health, wealth, and happiness if we could experience it together?

The truth is that there are plenty of natural resources on planet earth.

There is enough space in North America alone for every living soul on earth to have over an acre of land! The food produced in the United States alone can feed everyone (if people consumed food conscientiously and shared without fear or hoarding from others).

Only by hoarding, monopolizing, restricting, taxing, and blocking access to these resources is scarcity created. Diamonds, oil and land appear scarce because access to them has been restricted by people who want to obtain power of others.

Abundance is natural, it's humans who have created scarcity. With Manifest Mastermind you'll learn to undo these limiting beliefs and release their power over you.

“The World NEEDS a Dramatic (radical) Shift in Consciousness. It's up to You to Reach Your Highest Potential for the Good of all Humanity”

Pessimism about the future of the planet is simply rooted in old-fashioned obsolete beliefs that are now changing. When you join Manifest Mastermind you'll be part of the solution to the endless insanity of selfish thinking and reap the bountiful blessings of creating value for yourself and others.

Escape the Illusion of Scarcity and Experience Abundance with Manifest Mastermind

Scarcity is rooted in spiritual weakness. Just as our bodies need muscular strength training, we can benefit from spiritual strength training.

The spiritual and mental conditioning process includes:

  • Reading Books
  • Listening to Inspirational Audios
  • Watching enlightening Movies and/or TV programs (few of these exist currently)
  • Studying Success Stories of people who have accomplished what you want to accomplish and emulating their efforts
  • Surrounding yourself with like minded people
  • Giving what you'd like to receive
  • Leveraging the energies, intentions and efforts of others

Link: http://manifestmastermind.com/dreams/