Sunday, August 2, 2009

10 Ways to heal thyself and others

Kindness is sometimes an indescribable feeling. It is that which compels you to hope for what is good for yourself and others so that you can each grow in meaningful directions. Each person is on the path. Consider 10 things you can do to help heal yourself and promote healing in others;

1) Feel and project love and compassion toward yourself.

2) Feel and project love and compassion toward everyone.

3) Be present and available for loved ones in need.

4) Do not judge (for you do not know the lessons of others).

5) Learn to forgive thyself and others completely, forever.

6) Listen to your inner voice and mind with impartiality.

7) Be aware of your feeling responses to every situation.

8) Know true love has no opposite (its not an ego need).

9) Be genuinely grateful for all experience as a stepping stone

10) Realize unconditional self-acceptance is accessible now.

From Dream Builders