Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Cheer Up!

Smile, it is cool!

smile nation

Have no Fear! Love is here!

love not fear

And her name is Ashley and you better release your fears, otherwise she’s going to pick up one of those boulders and crush them!

Ashley’s such a natural, we asked her to do a shout out, and she had us dying laughing she’s so cute. (Check out her pink Minnie shirt and white glasses!) Then we put the camera on her and she got a little shy.

But I’m including anyway!

Her parents were so cool and helpful and really loved the idea behind CHEERUPNATION; it’s the least I can do. Listen closely, and you can hear Ashley’s dad coaching her on.

Her shout out goes to her Aunt “Ai” in Taiwan.

Oh, and look for her signature “wiggle” move at the end.


Stars: Ashley, 4. Taipei, Taiwan.

Spread the love and make your kid the STAR! Grab a quote, make a sign, take a picture, and email to!

lovely smile

This is a smile parade and Jimena’s leading it!

(Check out the cute SMILE sticker).

Stars: Jimena, 3, North Hollywood. LA, CA. USA.

biggest inspiration

Stars: Sienna, 9 months, my daughter. LA, CA. USA.

hammock heart

Stars: Lindsay & Alexa, 8. LA, CA. USA.

curious george

Stars: George, 3. LA, CA. USA. (Thanks, Ani!)

“We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.” – George Bernard Shaw

From Cheer Up Nation!

Our story is simple. Everywhere it seems there’s a lot of unhappy people living unhappy lives, unhappily. We asked “WHY?” Then we grabbed some signs and hit the streets. And we recruited a small team to help us out.

cherryUP1 cherryUP2

One by one, then fiddy, then a hundred, we will cheer you UP. Then your friends, then your friend’s friends, then your friends’ friends’ friends’ friend to create a huge ripple and FLOOD THIS WORLD WITH BEAUTY! It doesn’t matter if you’re stuck in a job you hate, live alone with six cats, or your favorite color’s black, we will find you. You will smile.



Site was created by Brian M Papa, a good guy trying to put a little magic back into the world. Laid off from his job, he flipped gears two weeks later and launched this site to cheer people up. He celebrates life with his wife Ana Paula and their eight month old daughter, Sienna. He shares his (PG-15) family life here. Additionally, he has written for T. Rowe Price. (Okay, that’s the formal bio. THIS is the real Brian Papa!)