Friday, March 6, 2009

If Flowers Can Grow in Alaska

If Flowers Can Grow in Alaska Ebook
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If Flowers Can Grow in Alaska…
Creating a More Peaceful World One Person at a Time

Written by Tim Collardey, M.S.
and Guided by Elizabeth KimJin Collardey, Ph.D.

© 2009 by Tim and Elizabeth KimJin Collardey

We invite you to come walk the labyrinth of healing peace with us by reading this free and complete ebook. The book will both guide and challenge you to examine your current beliefs about peace and nonviolence, as well as to help you chart a new course toward a more peaceful world—one person at a time.

You might choose to read this alone, but we encourage you to invite others to the experience. Shared effort can synergize the growth we all strive for. Gather a group of family and friends or other interested people from your place of worship. We welcome your feedback about the book. We are also available to help guide a group of people to read and experience the book together. Contact us to help you. Take the 40-day challenge to a renewed and more peaceful life! May we all walk the path of a more peaceful and healing world.

If Flowers Can Grow in Alaska