Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Like Attracts Like

"Our thoughts and feelings are the colors that paint our reality." -- Eva

What you focus on expands. Your thoughts, feelings, and actions will expand and return to you.

Like Attracts Like
The Secret Law of Attraction

What you focus on expands. Your thoughts, feelings, and actions will expand and return to you. Every thought you have, is like placing an order out into the universe and it will return to you. If you truly want to change your life for the better then change your thoughts and your words. Like attracts like. Whatever you focus on will return to you.

This secret law of attraction when not understood can cause your path in life to be much bumpier than necessary. The more you understand that every thought, word and deed will create your reality then you will understand you are in control of changing your life for the better by changing your thoughts, words, and actions.

by Rhonda Byrne

Whatever you have, or are, you attract more of.

The Most Powerful Law in the Universe

Are you aware of what a powerful creator you are? Do you know that everything that is happening to you or has ever happened to you is, without exception, in full response to your thoughts — and more importantly — the emotions behind those thoughts? Take a look at your life. There are probably some areas you're really happy with and some areas you're not so happy with. You may even believe you are a victim of your circumstances. I'm here to tell you, you are not a victim! It's simply a matter of understanding how to play the Game (of Life) by understanding the rules...the Laws that define the Game.

Would you agree that whether you believe in the law of gravity or not, it exists? It is the same with Universal Laws. They exist and affect you whether you are aware of them or not. However, Universal Laws are far more powerful than gravity. Gravity affects earth. Universal Laws are infinite and beyond all boundaries.

Of all the Laws, the single most powerful law is the Law of Attraction which says: "That which is likened unto itself is drawn" or more simply put, "Like attracts like". This means that what you are focused on, you draw to you. Here's how it works. When you are focused on what you want, you are attracting to you what you want. When you are focused on what you do not want, you are attracting to you what you do not want.

Okay, I can sense you rumbling out there and your thoughts are probably going something like "So if it's that simple and clear, why haven't we known this before?" Or, "I've been focused on wanting more money for years, so why hasn't it come to me?"

The Law is that simple. However, our thoughts are usually very unfocused and running in many directions at once. For example, you may say "I want a sleek new sportscar." In that moment, the Universe is orchestrating circumstances and events to bring it to you. And yet, usually, in the same sentence, we sabotage ourselves by saying something like, "but I can't afford it." So, in essence, the Universal forces say, "Wait a minute. Now he says he can't afford it." And you stop the energy flow.

So, take it a step further. When you are thinking about wanting a new sportscar, but feeling you can't afford it, where are your emotions vibrating? In most cases, they are vibrating in feelings of lack; feelings that you want something you really cannot have. Can you see how, by not understanding this Law — that our thoughts and emotions are our attraction base — we hold things away from us we could otherwise have?

Let's take the example of money. You say you've been wanting more money for as long as you've been alive. When you think of wanting more money, how do you feel about it? Happy? Elated? Or frustrated? Angry? Sad? Maybe, jealous of those who do have money? In my experience, this particular subject has more people on an emotional roller-coaster than all other subjects combined. The good news is that it doesn't matter how long you've felt this way or how deeply...you can literally turn it around and begin flowing money to you by consciously and deliberately practicing the Law of Attraction through your thoughts and feelings.

Anything in your life you want to change, you can — simply by understanding the Law of Attraction, and choosing to deliberately change your thoughts and constantly reach for the thought that feels better. The way you predominantly feel about any given subject is your barometer for knowing what your balance of thought is on that subject. The circumstances of your life is another indicator. If you're ever wondering which end of the barometer your thoughts are on, check in with your emotions. Your emotions never lie about the way you are flowing your energy.

by Eva Gregory

"BEGIN THE DAY IN YOUR HEART--SET YOUR INTENTION: The discipline of waking up each day and intentionally recognizing and verbalizing your gratitude for what is in your life is crucial to ignite the Law of Attraction. The vibration you carry in this place is flow itself. Breathe in gratitude--breathe out mind chatter.

Imagine your day full of flow, joy and happiness. See yourself in the day bouncing about lighting up other people's worlds. Hold your energy field no matter what."

Instructions from Akemi - YES TO ME

Step 1: Feel Good

You need to be feeling good if you want to attract good things. When you are in negativity, you are attracting the lack of what you want. So start your day with gratitude. Mediate. Exercise. These are solid ways to raise your mood – your vibration.

People who mistrust the Law of Attraction seem to have trouble right here. They prefer to stay in their cynical, smart-ass little hole and say something like, “Oh, the Law of Attraction, that’s for stupid people. Look, life is tough. Anyone smarter than Pollyanna knows this. And they insist of feeling good and having positive thoughts.”

Well, you don’t have to feel good if you don’t want to create happiness. That is totally your choice, and I respect that. If, however, you want to create some positive outcomes in your life, you do need to figure out how to feel good. And the good news is that this is a learnable skill.

Step 2: Set Forth the Intention

Don’t expect the Universe or your spirit guides to read your mind. Be clear and specific about your intention. And dare to dream big.

Step 3: Take Inspired Action

“You can’t spell attraction without action!”

This is another point of big misunderstanding. On one end of the spectrum, there are people who think their dreams just gets done by the genie with zero involvement of their own. On the other side of the spectrum, there are people who can’t tell the difference between inspired action and any action, and runs around like crazy doing, doing, and doing more.

Both are mistaken. You do need to take action because you are the one with the physical body and therefore can move move things around. The Universe or the spirit guides can bring opportunities but you need to go get it. This, however, doesn’t mean any action brings results. You need to take inspired actions.

How do you know what your inspired actions are? Well, when you are tuned in, you will know – it is inspiring.

Step 4: Release the “How”

How is not your job. The Universe takes care of it. Your job is, again, to take inspired actions.

Step 5: Be a”Yes” to Life

Have faith that it is working. Your life is working even when it may not look so to you. So stay positive.

Step 6: The Intention Manifests

Why the Law of Attraction works

As you can see, it takes faith to work the Law of Attraction. You need to set your intention regardless of your current situation. You need to take inspired actions – whether you can comprehend its meaning or not. And you need to stay in that positive mode. In short, you need to work from inside out, to live as a conscious being with intention, paying less attention to superficial ebbs and flows of outside world.

And that is the hint of why the Law of Attraction works. As Dr. Brian Weiss pointed out, we are souls incarnated in the physical body. Our souls incarnated with purpose. While each of us have our own unique purpose and lessons, there is also a big purpose that all souls live by, and that is to experience love, joy, and abundance in the substantial way in this physical world.

This is my current understanding: When we were the Source, the pure energy itself, we were love, joy and abundance. There was no lack, nothing that was not love, joy, abundance. This was wonderful, but we also wanted to try out something different. So we created this physical world, in which, by its very nature of being physical, things are distributed unevenly. I don’t just mean the social inequality – even in nature, there are unevenness.

There are mountains, oceans, farmlands, cities. Then there are barren lands. We might plant trees in the areas that have been long neglected, which is an act of love, and thus witness the abundance of this world. This brings joy.

The illusion of individuality in the physical world

While we are incarnated as physical beings, we have the illusion of separate individuals. This may cause us to fight, to exploit others, or to feel jealous, angry, and depressed. So there are opportunities we come back to love, joy and true abundance.

In this physical world, we can learn love, joy and abundance in a way that is not possible as the complete, perfect, pure energy we were. (And in fact, we still are the Source in essence.) To make sure this happens, the Divinity has designed a system. And this system is the Law of Attraction. We think of something we want, we desire and intend, and we attract it. We play out the rags to riches story. Or we can steer to negativity, which will bring negative things and events, letting us know something is wrong.

The question, then, is: Are you using the Law of Attraction to learn love, joy and abundance?